How our Members are Regulated

Forte Independent Solicitors (“FIS”) is an association of freelance, independent and sole practitioner Solicitors.  Each member of FIS is authorised and regulated as a Solicitor by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”).  FIS is not a regulated body.  Each member of FIS is self-employed and practices independently in his/her own name.  Members are not in partnership with each other and each member is engaged and paid directly by his/her clients.

FIS (Birmingham) Limited, company number 12346163, whose registered office is at 85-87 Cornwall Street, Birmingham, B3 3BY provides administrative and business support services to FIS members .  A full list of FIS members is available at 85-87 Cornwall Street, Birmingham, B3 3BY.  Further information about Freelance Solicitors and other forms of independent legal practice together with the rules of conduct that apply to Solicitors can be found on the SRA website: